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The Bowbells area has some of the best and most varied hunting in the country.  If you are into birds, we have all species of geese, ducks are plentiful, and the partridge will sharpen your skills for upland game. 

Grouse can always be found and the pheasant is making a comeback in the area.  To the north and east of Bowbells are some great hunting areas for waterfowl. Hunters fromPheasant across the country visit our area to hunt the snow geese, giant Canada geese and blue geese. The Des Lacs lake and area wetlands are perfect habitat for the geese.

Not far from here is the 19,544 acre Des Lacs National Wildlife Refuge, a 28 mile long corridor of river valleys and bordering uplands with three natural lakes.  The primary objectives of the refuge are waterfowl production and protection, and enhancement of migratory bird habitat. Outdoor enthusiasts will find unique opportunities to observe and photograph native birds and mammals in natural surroundings.  It has been called a "birders paradise"!  The Scenic Lake Road runs 11 miles along the refuge, with trails that provide an excellent opportunity to observe wildlife.


Big game hunters will find large numbers of whitetail deer and if you watch closely you might see a mule deer, a pronghorn antelope, or maybe even a moose.





Lost Birding Festival in Lostwood National Wildlife Refuge provides a day of birding activities. People with a variety of birding experience attend the festival. There is no charge for this even however, we'd like to be sure to provide enough guides as well as food that pre-registration is suggested. Tour groups sizes are limited so register early buy clicking on our link below.


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