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Bowbells Public School

Bowbells Public School is a Kindergarten through 12th Grade facility. With highly educated staff and a friendly atmosphere, the school is thriving by producing top quality graduates.

Currently, the average class size is 5 students per teacher. A great deal of one on one instruction provides ample opportunity to ensure the student fully understands the classroom material.

Prided on having great technology, the school has computer access for all students, and smart boards in almost every classroom, power school and more. Students are engaged in state required coursework, as well as a variety of electives. Bus Service is provided for rural residents.

Bowbells Public School has a long standing tradition of excellence in both academics and extra curricular activities.

* Co-op with Lignite as Burke County Titans for Boys and Girls Basketball, Girls Volleyball, Speech and     Drama, as well as Prom.

* Older elementary students co-op with Lignite for Elementary Basketball, and younger students play "Mini-Titans" during Varsity Basketball Games.

* Football and Track co-op with Kenmare and Lignite as the Honkers

* Bowbells has its own Eskimo Golf Team

* Students participate with Kenmare, Bowbells, Mohall-Sherwood-Lansford for Boys Baseball and Girls Softball

The Music Program allows elementary students to have Music Education everyday and learn an instrument beginning in the 5th grade.

We have High School Band and Choir.

Students participate in educational competitions including Science Olympiad and Academic Olympics.

Student Support Services are all provided onsite including Occupational/Physical Therapy, Speech/Language, Title 1 (Math and Reading), learning disabilities, EMH/TMH, Counseling, Psychological Testing and Assessment, Preschool Handicapped, and other special education services.

A breakfast meal is served daily in addition to school lunches.

Students have access to a library filled with books, and have scheduled library instruction.

Bowbells Public School is brimming with opportunity for successful students.  Stop in anytime to visit with our talented teachers today and see what Bowbells Public School has to offer!

The main office phone number is 377-2397 or visit the school by clicking this link.



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