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Bowbells Area Development Corporation

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Our websites main goal is to provide you with information as well as giving you a quick glimpse into our community. We hope you find answers to your questions whether you are considering visiting our town or relocating to our area.


Throughout our website you will find information about wildlife, recreation, local churches, area businesses, farming, schools, and so much more. However, should you be left with questions unanswered or you simply need more information please feel free to contact us: bowbells@bowbellsnd.com



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Community health and development is an important element to our city. By becoming a member of the Bowbells Area Development Corporation youíll lend a hand in the growth and improvement of our city. Your help is needed whether itís coming together with ideas

for improvement, financial support or even being on the front lines as a laborer.

There are many different areas within our community that could use your help.


Annual dues are $25.00 and can be mailed with your contact information to

Bowbells Area Development Corporation

P.O. Box 142

Bowbells, North Dakota 58721


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